What do you do?

Hard surface model and texture artist.

How do you do it?

I work primarily with MODO with years of experience with Maya, 3DS Max and Blender.

Where is it done?

My Studio located in the outskirts of Berlin Germany.

Recent Work

Below is a selection of my recent work, I post regularly to Instagram and Artstation.

Schnuller Assault Rifle Concept

Schnuller Assault Rifle Concept.

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Box Five - Red Camera Dragon

RedRed camera Dragon 5K Scarlet-W modelled and rendered in Modo.

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Box Seven - Three + Four

Combined the boxes, Three and Four as the complete unit, see Artstaion for details.

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Box One:

Technical Storage Box. All quad Sub-D mesh.

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Strut Three:

Spring Strut Compact.

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Strut Two:

Pneumatic Strut Assembly.

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